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Salam Alaikuum.. Welcome to my Blog :) My name is Lina-Spahic, I am Originally Indonesian and currently living in Bosnia Herzegovina. I came up with the concept of a beauty blog because I have soo many interests in Fashion and Beauty that I figured I needed an outlet to get them out… and hopefully touch those with similar mindsets and passions. I'm not great in particularly at anything, but i'm HAPPY just being me :) In this blog I hope to share Tips and thoughts on Beauty and Fashion and Especially for Hijabis. I will write review about things i would wear and it look nice on me, what i bought and i have tried, and what i will buy and give my view to you out there. Please note that this blog is on Beauty category.. not Religious category. I hope you will enjoy it ♥♥♥

24 February 2013


There have been a plenty designers who have been dishing out Hijabi friendly pieces to add to the most confident hijabi’s wardrobe. I saw many of them displayed a long sleeves dresses, and almost all covered. There are so many my favorite look and dresses this year.. and i wanna share it with you guys some of my favorite outfit. Just imagine adding it with a turban style or even just wrape the hijab on your head, and you have one amazing outfit ;)
Gucci, Surprisingly very modest

Gucci, Very matchy matchy

Elie Saab

Elie Saab

Elie Saab




Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, Just imagine it if you match the tops with your fav pants ;)

Tadashi Shoji

Michael Kors

Michael Kors


Salam Hijabiii...

I would take a moment to let you know about something very exciting for me, and hopefully also very exciting for you all my readers ;) I will be having my own clothing line called "ILHANA" it's taken from my first daughter name, and Insyallah will be launching it in April 2013. Actually i have been planing this project for a year together with wonderful friend of mine in Jakarta, and was supposed to be launch in September 2012 as agreed. But i stopped and postponed the project as i was distracted due to my pregnancy and delivery of my second daughter.
I’m not sure how this is going to work out, or if it is even going to work out at all, but I have witness that Muslim fashion is becoming a growing market in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Middle east especially UAE. So i want to try it. As Fashion is always be my patient, so i am doing it also as a hobby. So yeah, BISMILLAH I am so very excited to show you the pieces. My line will consist of very modest design with current trend and modern concept. 
Here are the sneak peak of some material i used.
So Hijabiiiis, Please stay tune and like our FACEBOOK PAGE, we are doing small campaign & promotion and there will be give away gift consist of rainbow Qur'an, hijabs, and discount voucher ;)


Salam Hijabiiii...

I am so proud to be a mom once more time :) I consider them my trophies and my greatest achievements in life. It is an unpaid profession with a lifetime responsibility. loooove having the opportunity to spend individual time with my children <3 
Even though after having a baby, I Manage to keep my appearance like before.. (Except my expanding body due to left over baby fat :P hehe..) I like to put make up and stay polished.. It makes me feels happy and good about my self :) 

23 February 2013


In the old days, the Muslim fashion was not too concerned because some of the women who wear it just see the functions of the dress. From year to year, these women also want to look beautiful with the clothes which they wear, so Muslim fashion is getting developed by the designers and its no more behind the trend !!!
Muslim clothing is now becoming a growing market in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and the UAE.
In Jakarta fashion week 2013, designers attended the event to make Muslim clothing to look feminine, modern and glamorous with a different concept. Four upscale fashion designers in a fashion show titled 'Luxurious Modesty' has dominated the entire collection. Detailed containing elements of luxury and glamour like embroidery, sequins, as well as floral motifs has filled the fashion week this year. Each line of clothing on display is expected to be a trend setter for Muslim fashion 2013, not only in Indonesia but also in some other Muslim countries. 
Many many many dresses pictures catches my eyes !! and i would love to share it with you ;)

Monica Jufry present luxurious modesty

Lovelyyyy... By Itang Yunaz

Dian Pelangi on Safari troops theme.. using tie dye pattern, absolutely gorgeous !

Look at those Glamours turban <3

Hannie Hananto in her Military theme

Irna Mutiara



Adhie & alie

Irna La perle

Ronald v Gaghana

Ronald v Gaghana

22 February 2013


This year I didn’t go too crazy with the shopping, although I did hear about some awesome Uniqlo deals! Well.. maybe because i didnt go out that muchh like before.. so no chance of looking gorgeous stuff here and there..
other than that, since i still have the baby fats due to pregnancy, it's just not easy to find something will looks great on my body. But Yesterday i had little time to do window shopping with my bestie. Even though my eyes was aaaall the time staring on baby's stuff, but i got few jumper that fits me nicely. The occurred thing is, i knewww horizontal stripes will makes me looks bigger, buttt i can't help ! i love stripes !! Simple tops but i can rock it out with nice head scarves,  bag, and boot ;)




Late lunch at Dubrovnik Resto

13 February 2013


Salaaaaaaam Everyoneee... Salaaaam Bloggers....

Yeah it has been a while since i have posted.. and i miss just to write anything on my blog !!!
Pregnancy, Back to my hometown, new baby, and weight gain are things to blamed by not having time or mood to write or even make new hijab video ;)
Yes i'm a mother of 2 daughters already.. really really proud and feel so blessed !!!
I had really wonderful time back home in Indonesia.. aside i was very happy because i saw my family, i was also able to observed some new trends especially among hijabi. And woww i can say that Indonesia is the capital city of hijabi. You can find sooo many woman wearing variety of hijab style as well as outfit. They are free and soo creative !!! And dont talk about shopping, Indonesia is shopping paradise for hijabi. you can find sooooooo many great outfit for covered woman. many types of scarves, cloth, pants, accessories, anything you just mentioned it !!!!! and yessss i loveee going shopping in my country. everytime i  went back home, i must bring luggage full of new clothes.
So now i'm back here again in Bosnia.. it's really freezing cold here.. trying to adjust myself with the new member of family, my new little cupy cake of course ;)
Sooo until my next post girly.. keep spreading love and positive thing ;)