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Salam Alaikuum.. Welcome to my Blog :) My name is Lina-Spahic, I am Originally Indonesian and currently living in Bosnia Herzegovina. I came up with the concept of a beauty blog because I have soo many interests in Fashion and Beauty that I figured I needed an outlet to get them out… and hopefully touch those with similar mindsets and passions. I'm not great in particularly at anything, but i'm HAPPY just being me :) In this blog I hope to share Tips and thoughts on Beauty and Fashion and Especially for Hijabis. I will write review about things i would wear and it look nice on me, what i bought and i have tried, and what i will buy and give my view to you out there. Please note that this blog is on Beauty category.. not Religious category. I hope you will enjoy it ♥♥♥

05 March 2013


Salam everyone..... :)

Here I present you my quick and easy eye make-up I wear almost everyday ! I love this look because it’s super easy & fast. It doesn't look so much heavy for everyday & it looks so effortless rather than you applied some color of eye shadow all over your eyes, which i think it might look a little bit 'too much' for your daily, unless you are going to special event or occasion. I used to wear eye liner or gel liner, but since i tried this ARABIAN KAJAL, i fell in loveee !!!! it's so easy to apply, it's so black, really easy to blend, and long lasting.
I really love make up which focus on my eyes rather than any other part. Because it brings out the best of my eye color. 
In the following video tutorial, i show all the step for my everyday eye make up. So sorry for the first few minute of the video is a bit blur as i forgot to set up the focus mode :((( I hope you will enjoy it :)))

03 March 2013


Seeing Abaya design nowadays is really breath taking.. Exquisitely styled abayas are the trend nowadays. Women in middle east are determined to make a fashion statement out of the typically plain black robes. Now abayas come in different styles with sparkling crystal beads, pearls, satin flowers, embroidery, or patches in coloured fabrics. Though Abaya is an Islamic dress and taken as symbol of Muslim women’s attire around the world, it has also evolved and has become more stylish these days. The design are beautiful, lot's of work on them applied, well done designers! Something new, elegant and at the same time stylish for a Muslim women.
In abaya fashion 2013 Main thing which is unique and new is the cut and the shape of abaya. As you will see in below pictures i posted, all abaya has different type of facbirc, cutting, sticthing, which is affecting over all looks of the abaya. The ribbons, Embroidery, the use of contras patch in  different colors are also remain popular trend for abaya design in 2013.