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Salam Alaikuum.. Welcome to my Blog :) My name is Lina-Spahic, I am Originally Indonesian and currently living in Bosnia Herzegovina. I came up with the concept of a beauty blog because I have soo many interests in Fashion and Beauty that I figured I needed an outlet to get them out… and hopefully touch those with similar mindsets and passions. I'm not great in particularly at anything, but i'm HAPPY just being me :) In this blog I hope to share Tips and thoughts on Beauty and Fashion and Especially for Hijabis. I will write review about things i would wear and it look nice on me, what i bought and i have tried, and what i will buy and give my view to you out there. Please note that this blog is on Beauty category.. not Religious category. I hope you will enjoy it ♥♥♥

20 April 2011


I'm sure each person has their own individual taste especially in their dressing style for special occasion. But I'm not sure how formal the dress code is but a dress or maxi skirt won't go amiss on this sort of occasion. Sometimes when we hear special occasion, it immediately cross in mind that it should be a glamor layered hijab with so many colors and full accessories, etc. Well, it shouldn't always be like that. When i think about special occasion, what first cross in my mind is a satin colored shirt tucked in with a "not your usual everyday" hijab style and a cute contrasting clutch. like this:

And I loooove this outfit by Shaikha Mozah! It's young, fun and perfect for a formal dinner or attending a wedding party: 

If you want to look sophisticated in black, (black is always a safe color), I really love below black dress. it's very simple and sophisticated, you just need to add a hijab on with some accessories of course so it won't really look too simple:

Another idea is to wear a maxi dress of your choice and glam it up heels/wedges, a jacket to make it more formal and a clutch. This look would work best if the event isn't as formal as a prom or dinner but you are expected to look smart. This look is pretty casual but it shows you what i mentioned above.

If you want a more promy look, I would advise a simple evening gown coupled with a bolero or fur. Something like this would look cute for a more formal event where women are wearing evening gowns:

For those of you who love to wear Abaya, for a special occasion, try wearing a glam Abaya and some accessories on your black hijab like this:

I hope this post help those of you who is wondering what to wear to a formal occasion, dinner party, prom, wedding party etc :)

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  1. wow - i know i look good ;p but i could never compare to these ladies!!!

    - Ilham