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Salam Alaikuum.. Welcome to my Blog :) My name is Lina-Spahic, I am Originally Indonesian and currently living in Bosnia Herzegovina. I came up with the concept of a beauty blog because I have soo many interests in Fashion and Beauty that I figured I needed an outlet to get them out… and hopefully touch those with similar mindsets and passions. I'm not great in particularly at anything, but i'm HAPPY just being me :) In this blog I hope to share Tips and thoughts on Beauty and Fashion and Especially for Hijabis. I will write review about things i would wear and it look nice on me, what i bought and i have tried, and what i will buy and give my view to you out there. Please note that this blog is on Beauty category.. not Religious category. I hope you will enjoy it ♥♥♥

04 April 2011


After being banned for decades by communist Yugoslav rulers, hijab is making a come back to the streets of Bosnia Herzegovina. Many young women walk through the city of Bosnia-Herzegovina wearing the headscarf. Bosnia is one of the place where you can see so many pretty girls. It's kinda mixture between European, Turkish, Lebanese look ! (Isn't that gorgeous ?!?). So when you see them with hijab, It's such a unique and refreshing to see, and they bring the harmonious diversity of the street scene here where different expressions of Islam mingle with men in shorts and women in short skirts in this country. 
Hijabi in Bosnia are very stilysh and they know how to put the scarf in a very modern way of wearing it and in a very sophisticated style. A blend of Arab and European styles. Here are photos of Bosnian hijabi. And please note that below pictures are my personal collections of my friend's picture with their permission to publish them, so kindly do not copy! it's the copy right of Unless it not stated.


  1. i loikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :))

  2. nice pictures lina i love ur blog

  3. Sue & Jasmina: Thank you Sooooooo Muchhhh for visiting my Blog. Thanks for your support ♥♥♥

  4. hey dearie.... are those your friends? i'm not surprised, cos u already "masuk Bosnian" (like in Malaysia they say, "masuk Melayu") ;)
    i do not know many bosnian girls unfortunately :(

    i have ALWAYSSSSSSS wanted to know how to wear hijab the bosnian style. not that i don't like my own (Arab style)- i do. it's just that the Arab style i do hides lovely collars, sulaman, etc... u know lah..

    the fact that bosnian style hijab is stylish - is a fact that we Bos-mals (etc etc hehe) have always known! i find that the Bosnian hijab is very suitable for Europe, because - there, in Europe there is fear of extremism. France n other countries r banning the hijab - for "security" fears. :O teruk kan? so- wearing a hijab yg tak terlalu labuh, or not wearing a black abaya from head to toe, black chador, etc -is perfect for them. it is very suitable to western style of clothing too.

    but the real question is, darling : HOW DO WE WEAR THIS FASHIONABLE HIJAB PLEASE!!! How bout a step by step pictorial / video??

    *i've tried by myself... n failed :(

    - Ilham

  5. Salam Lina, I just discovered your blog, and its GREEEEEAAAT!!! I'll be your fan and follow all future posts :D Bosnian girls ARE beautiful but I think that Bosnian-Indonesian mix is more beautiful :D Kiss your little girl for me. Bye

  6. Dear Ilham: It's 100% true what you are sayying :)Beside the Arab's hijab style covered some lovely collars, i don't really like the look around the neck. it's seems big and fat :P however, it looks lovely in other people :) Insyallah i will be posting more Video Tutorial, so keep checking ;) Kisssss ♥♥

  7. Salam draga Ilvana :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog.. and i'm sooooo Glad that you like it ! you really made my day ♥♥
    Hehehehe.. Mix kids are beuuutifulll because they got the beautiful and handsome Bosnian line ;) Pusaa !

  8. Thanks for sharing this, i love it, it so simple and chick :). Definitely will try this for special occasion ;)

    Keep on going Lina :)


  9. Selam to all Bosnian, Arabic or American hijabi girls... I am all that...and I own on line store that's consist of all those beauty "gadgets" that makes one hijabi girl beautiful... i shared your link on my facebook page.. would you mind if I post my fb page and website on you blogspot too?
    selam sister

  10. Salam dear Amina :)
    Thank you soo much for sharing my blog on your facebook page :) And It will be my Pleasure to post your website and fb page on my Blog :)
    but i'm not sure yet which one is your FB page and website, so please email me at: for detail :)


  11. selam..i like ur posts, bosnian girl too,and i know a few of this girls in pictures..some syles are great but some of them are not in borders of islam,im sorry that i had to say that but hijab is not only covering hear...:) hope u dont mind..selam for all

  12. Salam Lina,

    i love the way Bosnians or Arabs wear their Hijab. My trouble is i have super sort hair & not able to tie hijabs like you show. And i stil 50-50 abt getting the humps,as some people say its Haram. So what should i do.

    And another questions is...i have this 3/4 skirt. Its below my knee but no where near my ankle. I have a but that is up to my knees.I want to know how to pull this off and still look modestly muslimah.

    TQ & I love your blog!Keep updating eager to see more..



  13. Beautiful faces and trendy humans, how to get the under scarf bump the hijab?

  14. I Just see ur tutorial on FB and im serach ur blog, its very lovely to read ur blog... i got the new experience to use my hijab by or see ur's blog and tutorial... thanx

  15. Salam....

    An awesome and brilliant blog. Thanks for sharing on the hijab tutorial. Allah blessed!

  16. A very nice and awesome blog.

  17. thanks Lin! very nice blog n give me inspirations that hijabs is more style

  18. Such gorgeous photos and styles - especially love the pink and silver turban looks! x x

  19. Hijab wasn't banned in Bosnia during communism, burka was.

  20. I'am from Bosnia :D

  21. Assalamu'alaikum Lina
    Saya ingin mengetahui lebih banyak tentang Bosnia. Baru-baru ini, saya berkenalan dengan seorang anak muda Bosnia, yang bekerja di Jakarta dan mempunyai istri orang Indonesia. Dalam diskusi dia memberi informasi ttg beberapa peluang bisnis dan kerja sama bisnis yang bisa dikembangkan (impor-ekspor) antara Indonesia dan Bosnia. Senang sekali kalau bisa berkenalan dengan Lina